Course organization for 4iz565 (English)

This course runs under id "4iz565" in English in the Summer semester, and under id "4iz566" in Czech in the Winter semester. Both variations of the courses share the same website. There is a follow-up course Pokročilé přístupy k dobývání znalostí z databází (4iz460) - in Czech.

Time and Location

Note: valid only for Spring 2021/2022.

Semester organization for Spring 2021/2022

Introductory information 1. week (14/2)
Python - basics 1. week (14/2)
Python - built-in data types 2. week (21/2)
Teams for the first project formed2. week (21/2)
Python - data structures 3. week (28/2)
Selected topics for team projects, inserted to insis3. week (28/2)
Artificial Intelligence in Skoda Auto 2/3, 12:45, lecture room NB B
Python - pandas 4. week (7/3)
Python - Modeling (Scikit learn) 5. week (14/3)
?Guest topic: Spark, Big data, Machine Learning? 6. week (21/3)
Explainable Machine Learning7. week (28/3)
Interim exam (test) 7. week (28/3)
R - fundamentals 8. week (4/4)
Submitted team project (Python) to insis, at the same time to reviewers. 8. week
Guest Luděk Kopáček (Vendavo), topic: Price optimization 9. week (11/04)
Reviewers assigned 9. week (11/4)
Second coursework - individual - in R assigned 9. week(11/4)
Easter Monday 10. week(18/4)
Submitted reviews10. week
R - explorative data analysis,logistic regression, CARET 11. week (25/04)
Guest Alena Šindelářová (Median), topic: Data Segmentation12. week (2/05)
Team project presentations12. week (2/5)
Team project presentations13. week (9/5)
Individual coursework submission Exam period
Additional optional invited lecture (in Czech): Artificial Intelligence in Skoda Auto - March 2, from 12:45, lecture room NB B. Note that this schedule is only indicative and subject to change.

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