This is an indicative syllabus of the course! For the schedule applying to this semester, please visit course schedule web page 4iz565 or 4iz566.

# Language Topic Note
1. Introduction Software  
2. Python Intro to Python  
3. Python Organizing code  
4. Python Data structures  
5. Python Data preprocessing  
6. Python Sci-kit learn  
7. Python Case study Python Typically replaced by invited workshop
8. R Intro to R  
9. R Exploratory Data Analysis in R  
10. R Training Machine Learning Models in R  
11. R Model Evaluation in R  
12. R Case Study R Typically replaced by invited workshop
13. Spark Scala, Spark  

This outline indicates order of seminars. For schedule, refer to course information for the current semester.

Self study and E-learning

Multiple seminars use DataCamp e-learning, which you can access from home.