Data Camp

  • Open “Introduction to DataCamp Projects”

Getting setup locally

You have two options.

  • Install required software on your laptop
  • Connect to preconfigured virtual machine (4iz565).

Plain python intepreter

  • Start command prompt and type:
  • python
  • Try using Python as calculator

Interactive python

  • Improved replacement for python prompt
  • ipython

Python 2 vs Python3

  • Compare python3 and python
  • Check which version of Python you are running
  • You can also do it programmatically:
  • import sys
  • print (sys.version)

Interactive python notebooks

  • Now known as Jupyter Notebook
  • Start command prompt and type: jupyter notebook
  • Create a new Python 3 notebook
  • Make sure that the notebook gets saved to your H: drive
  • Make yourself familiar with basic shortcuts, like running a cell (ctrl+enter) or creating a new cell (esc-b)
  • Try using the Jupyter notebook as a caculator
  • Create a simple markdown cell with some markdown fomatting

Bonus points

  • Completing assignments during practicals
  • Completing home assignments

Your first assignment

  • Task: Create a local copy of the code in “Introduction to DataCamp Projects”
  • Download the project as zip file
  • Try to run it
  • You may need to change the mode to Trusted (top right corner)
  • Install any necessary packages (folio) using pip3 install folio, restart kernel

Make two customizations:

  1. instead of global_temperature.csv use some other data file of your choice
  2. change the list of companies to something local

Submit the working Jupyter project to insis by next week